Remedy Kit

Remedy Kit

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The professional, fragrance-free solution for sensitive, sensitized and redness-prone skin. The intensive serum with soothing, fortifying actions is ideal to reinforce the skin’s complete defence. The soothing cream, with a barrier-effect texture, nourishes and calms even the driest and most delicate skin.

The Set Contains:

Remedy Serum (30ml)
Helping to calm your complexion for greater comfort throughout the day, the gentle serum aims to reduce the appearance of redness for a clearer, smoother finish. Absorbing quickly for fast-acting results, the Mexican Hyssop and Marvel of Peru flowers combine to offer a solution to discomfort by settling and alleviating any unwelcome twinges. Protecting against external aggressors, the serum is blended with Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide, a prebiotic that’s extracted from natural sugar, working to shield the skin from water loss to prevent dehydration and dryness. It also helps to maintain balance across your face, synchronising with good bacteria to allow your visage to flourish naturally. You’ll experience an increase in softness when the serum is used alone or with another cream, leaving you with a revived, supple finish.

Remedy Defense Cream (60ml)
The opulently thick, buttery facial cream is ideal for skin that is prone to dryness and coarseness, as it delivers an intense injection of hydration that leaves your base looking dewy and bright. The infusion of Natural Origin Prebiotic: Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide, naturally-derived from sugars, works to protect the natural flora of the skin and allows it to flourish, with the risk of being damaged drastically minimised. Rejuvenating doses of Mirabilis Japala and nourishing Marula Oil lock in moisture, creating a powerful veil of hydration that alleviates the feeling of tightness. The sumptuous texture of the facial cream makes it ideal for people living in colder climates, or for skin more susceptible to the damage that can be caused by external aggressors.